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Our Junior Kindergarten Class


Learning through Cooperation

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     In the Junior Kindergarten Class we encourage our children to explore their creativity as they expand their understanding of all of God's creation. We help our children engage with one another and develop cooperative learning skills that are designed to build each other up. We hope to inspire a joy of learning through an interactive environment.

     Furthermore, we challenge our children to make intentional contributions to the classroom in order to develop their own unique leadership skills. 

A Classroom



     The Junior Kindergarten (JK) Class is designed to develop an understanding of literacy, numeracy, the sciences, and the arts for each child in their journey of discovering the world around them. With the use of their understanding of letters and numbers children will be encouraged to begin expressing their thoughts and their identity. Through new challenges, children are encouraged to inquire and explore, to problem solve, to communicate and express, to cooperate, to care for and respect, and to reflect with one another in meaningful ways. We incorporate both Mother Goose Time curriculum and McGraw Hill learning tools as we prepare and transition our children for Senior Kindergarten. 

To download a sample of our Weekly Schedule click here.

Our Class Program

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