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At JubiLights, we believe that God designed every child intricately, uniquely, and with a purpose. Therefore we strive to treat each child according to his/her individual needs for growth and development. We honor the diversity of our learners and consider that to be a source of rich and dynamic learning experiences.

Finally, we want students to develop a sense of wonder, excitement, and appreciation for the world around them. It is our goal to create a safe and nurturing environment where children are encouraged and challenged to inquire and explore, to problem solve, to communicate and express, to cooperate, to care for and respect, and

to reflect with one another in meaningful ways.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

We incorporate Mother Goose Time curriculum for early learners that invites children to experience their surrounding world through carefully researched themes. Each month of curriculum has a featured theme that integrates a wide spectrum of learning concepts including mathematics and reasoning, language and literacy, social studies, science, physical development, socio-emotional development, as well as creative development and arts.  Each thematic study is broken into 4 weeks, with each week focusing on a sub theme that ties to the larger theme. Also every lesson comes with a creative craft that corresponds to the days lesson. This curriculum allows the child to explore and integrate new information through inquiry and hands on experiences. 

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