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We value diversity in our classroom. We believe that every child is uniquely designed by God’s image and for His purpose. We support every single student to find their gift from God and build up their character.

In our classroom, we want to build a community where students are valued for who they are, so that they may value one another in the same way. We hope to see this in the way the students speak and interact with one another as well as their teachers.

Our Class Program

The Jubi-Kinders Class is designed to prepare children for first grade with all its new challenges and responsibilities with confidence. Children will learn to focus while developing their fluency in language and confidence in maths. We guide our students to be engaged in the classroom with the hope of them becoming responsible citizens and active participants in their communities. For that reason, we value emotional intelligence and responsibility as the main focus in teaching so that Kindergarteners learn how to share their feelings, understand the others’ perspectives, and take responsibility of their own action and decision.

For both literacy and numeracy education, we incorporate curriculum/teaching resources from McGraw Hill. We strive to provide our students with engaging and dynamic lessons, which encourage all students to explore, discover, and learn by inquiry and also from their mistakes. We differentiate teaching strategy and approach for every student according to their individual needs and strengths.

Our Class Program

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