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Learn by Inquiry

We value diversity in our classroom. We believe that every child is uniquely designed by God’s image and for His purpose. We support every single student to find their gift from God and build up their character.

In our classroom, we want to build a community where students are valued for who they are, so that they may value one another in the same way. We hope to see this in the way the students speak and interact with one another as well as their teachers.

Our Class Program

     JubiLights uses a thematic approach to incorporate learning and spark interest in the children.  We expose students to different science/social science themes that are used to develop vocabulary and language. Read aloud books as well as self-selected books involving the themes is made available in the reading center as well as to introduce mathematical concepts to the children from a young age.

     To keep in coherence with the rest of our Program, JubiKinders also uses thematic based learning.  These themes are Science and Social Science related topics. They provide the framework for the children to make connections to the world. The Language Arts and Math are incorporated using the themes however, the subject related topics are from our McGraw Hill Math and L/A resources.

Our Class Program

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