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JubiWees Class

     It is our belief that each child is a unique individual who needs to be valued as who they are. Also, we believe children learn through the people and environment around them.

     We encourage each child to explore their environment and develop new skills through play and child-centered learning. We help children to love themselves and respect other people from the early age in order to promote a positive interaction with the peers as well as the teachers.

     It is our goal to provide an atmosphere where each child feels safe and accepted the way God has created them. We strive to provide a high quality care by focusing on discovering the children’s strengths and involving family in their learning.

Each child is a unique individual.

Positive interactions

Child-centered learning

High-quality care

     JubiLights uses a thematic approach to incorporate learning and spark interest in the children.  We expose students to different science/social science themes that are used to develop vocabulary and language. Read aloud books as well as self-selected books involving the themes is made available in the reading center as well as to introduce mathematical concepts to the children from a young age.


     An additional emphasis on this age group is to help the children to develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as to assist them in their social and emotional development. Dance, music, as well as arts and crafts are incorporated into the class on a weekly basis.

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